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10 Counts Oven Bags Turkey Size | Cooking Roasting Bags Large Size(22×24Inch)


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TURKEY ROASTING BAGS Your turkey bags are heat resistant for cooking in conventional ; microwave ovens that simply put turkey, chichen or meat in it along with your favorite vegetables,sauces or spices,then place it in a baking pan and pop them to oven,food will come out juicy and delicious without messy pans to scrub. ; Instructions to use in oven ; 1,washing turkey or chicken and putting them in the bag. Then close it with special tie by leaving plenty of air inside to assist cooking. Don’t use metal ties. 2. ;Snip off top corner of bag to allow steam escaping. 3. ;Put it in microwave dish and cook at the appropriate power level for required time. 4. ;When finished the process of cooking ,you can take out food and use the leaving juice to make gravy! Material: Premium quality PET Temperature Resistance: 400 degree F (205 degree C) Total Numbers: 10 bags Size: 21.6 x 23.6 inch / 55 x 60 cm Suitable for: Turkey, chicken, beef, meats, poultry or vegetables ADVANTAGES: 1,Enough room for cooking 2,Seal the flavor of food 3,Keep oven much cleaner 4,Suitable for daily use
PREVENTS DRYING & PRESERVE ESSENCE: These oven bags trap moisture inside to ensure that your turkey stays moist, fresh, and flavorful
DESIGNED TO SAVE&CLEANLINESS: Our oven bags help you save time and money by producing high-quality meals with less cleaning,reducing cooking time, and make cleaning up a breeze!
WHAT YOU GET:This set contains (10) Turkey bags, each measuring 20-inches by 24-inches and can hold up to 11-pounds of food.
SINCERELY SERVE YOU:Please inform us if you have any complaint or suggestion about our products or service.We will feedback to you as soon


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