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Alphabet Letter Beads, 300 Pcs Round Alphabet Beads with Clear Elastic Thread


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1. The smooth beads can protect the skin compared with cube beads.
2. On Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries, make beautiful name bracelets for family, friends and lovers, a very meaningful gift.
3. Strong transparent elastic line, very easy to use
4. Enough letter beads and long enough elastic thread can make many bracelets and crafts
Quantity: 300 white letter beads, a roll of transparent elastic thread
Size: Letter beads are 7mm wide, 4mm high, and the diameter of the hole is 1.5mm; the elastic wire is 8m long and 0.8mm thick
Note: keep away from children, the small letter beads may have a suffocation hazard, please use them with a guardian
Package Content: 300 white acrylic letter beads, a roll of crystal string.

The Conspicuous Bracelet Beads: Black letters are printed on the white beads, and the color contrast is very obvious. The bracelet is very beautiful.
Strong Elastic Thread: 0.8mm thick elastic thread, which is thicker than ordinary elastic thread, has certain elasticity, will not easily break when stretched, and is very durable. After putting on the beads, knotting is very easy and it is very convenient and simple to use.
Random Collocation of A-Z Letters: 26 English letters are randomly collocated into 300 letter beads. You can pick out the letters in your name and combine them into a bracelet or backpack pendant. You can also make a name bracelet for your lover, family and friends, which is very loving and memorable.
Wide Range of Applications: Letter beads and elastic threads can be used for making bracelets, necklaces, handicrafts, keyrings decoration, jewellery making kids, DIY.


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