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KitchenAid All Purpose Shears with Protective Sheath, One Size, Black


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These all-purpose shears from KitchenAid are a valuable addition to your kitchen utensils set and ideal for a variety of tasks throughout the home, from slicing poultry and pizza to clipping coupons. The blade edges feature micro-serrations to provide a superior cutting experience. Durable and strong, these kitchen scissors are made from heavy-duty stainless steel that withstands daily use, with soft-grip handles that provide comfort and control while using. The shears come with a blade guard to protect blades when stored. Dishwasher safe; hand washing is recommended.
ENHANCED BLADES: The micro-serrations on the blade edges of these kitchen scissors provide a superior cutting experience on everything from tough cuts of meat to strong wires and twine
SOFT GRIP: The handles provide comfort and control, making these shears a go-to kitchen gadget
DURABLE AND STRONG: The dishwasher-safe, heavy-duty stainless steel makes these shears a valuable kitchen utensil that will stand up to everyday use
BLADE GUARD: The included guard protects the blades on these kitchen scissors when they are stored


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