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Lefant Robot Vacuums, 2200Pa Strong Suction, 120mins Runtime, Self-Charging


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🤖【Upgraded Freemove Technology 3.0】 Freemove technology is Lefant’s original robot vacuum‘s integrated whole-body detection technology. The built-in infrared sensors can sense obstacles the whole body encounters and retreats. Avoid falling downstairs or getting stuck.
🐶【6 Cleaning Modes】: The smart robot vacuum supports multiple cleaning modes, including: ➊ Arranged cleaning(Zig-zag Route) ➋Random cleaning ➌Spot cleaning ➍Wall cleaning ➎Schedule cleaning ➏Manual control direction. Choose between different modes and suction power as needed via the app, cleaning is so easy.
🌪️【Carpet Boost *& Quiet Cleaning】The M210 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner is optimized and can intelligently recognize the carpet and increase to maximum suction for optimal cleaning performance. The robot vacuum sucks with softer white noise, no more annoying your babies and pets.
🐾【Suitable for Pet Owners】: M210 Pro has powerful 2200pa suction. Two side brushes concentrate dust, pet hair, and garbage. Then sucked by the brushless suction mouth specially designed for pet families. * No need to get your hands dirty to clean tangled hair on traditional roller brushes.
📱【Connect to App Faster】: M210 Pro expands the Bluetooth + WiFi distribution network and increases efficiency by 2 times, making the connection easier, faster and more stable. The robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled via the app/Alexa/Google Assistant.
✨【Improved Auto-recharging Efficiency】The M210 Pro vacuum robot’s auto-recharging efficiency has been increased greatly. When cleaning is finished or the power supply is low, the vacuum cleaner robot will automatically navigate back to the charging station so it isn’t lost anymore. And M210P runs on a single charge for up to 120 minutes on hardwood floors.


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