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Mica Powder for Epoxy Resin – Pigment Powder for Nails – Epoxy Resin Color


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Pigment Powder for Nails: cosmetic grade mica powder, means that not only it can be used as an epoxy pigment, but also as a pigment powder for lip gloss, eye shadows, and nail art.
Epoxy Resin Color Pigment: our resin pigment powder set is perfectly suitable as an epoxy dye helping you create your own jewelry with stunning colors and a shimmering effect.
Soap Making Dye: resin mica powder can also be a great soap colorant which makes it an excellent choice as a soap coloring agent, with the exception of cold process soap.
Mica Pigment Powder 24 Colors Set: there are 24 bags of resin powder 0.1 oz each and an enclosed reference guide on how to use your brand-new epoxy pigment powder.


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