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Pura Aide Lavender Sachets Pre-Filled for Refreshing Drawers Closets Dressers

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From the brand

lavdener field

lavdener field

Dried lavender flowers

Provided by a proud Canadian company

Pura aide logo

Pura aide logo

Your mood changers & boosters.

Naturally dried organic lavender flowers.

Great for aromatherapy, sleep aid, meditation, or making lavender teas, cakes or soaps.

Also excellent for lavender sachets in drawers, closets, wardrobes, living rooms, bedrooms, pillows, cars, or for potpourri, bath bombs, wedding favours, moth repellents, pest deterrents, etc.

lavender  vertical

lavender  vertical

Mood changer & booster

You would be amazed by its fragrance and color, and its healing power

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Multi-function lavender sachets, great for use in drawers, closets, wardrobes, living rooms, wardrobes, bedrooms, pillows, cars, shoe boxes, gym bags.
Amazing air freshener for home. Make everything smell beautiful, and your room has a hint of fragrance that can change your mood.
The fragrance is pleasant and refreshing and long-lasting for 3-4 months, particularly if you crush the lavender buds. Calming, soothing, relaxing, enjoy the benefits of these lavender sachets.
Please note that smell or scent is subjective, and is different from person to person. Please understand this before placing your order.


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