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Spray Mops for Floor Cleaning Microfiber Floor Mops with 3 Washable Reusable


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MEXERRIS – We Are Aim To Making Your Household Cleaning More Easier We are offering below reason to choose our spray mop – Free Your Hand: If you are still using traditional way like one hand hold cleaner spray, one hand hold mop to cleaning, our spray mop is very lightweight and easy to operate, all you need to do is squeeze the trigger on the top, it will spraying mist, you could start your cleaning now. – Free Your Back – Our spray mop come with 3 poles, it is long enough for you to do household cleaning, it is adjustable, even suitable for kids to cleaning. You don’t have to knee down or bend down, free your back from now! – Add Your Costumed Cleaner – You could filled up your favorite cleaning into the refillable bottle according your needs, like vinegar or essential oil. Your will have variety choice of cleaning solution! – 2th Generation of Spray Mop – MEXERRIS upgrade spray mop applying sturdier, more durable material, built with more ergonomic design, no need worry about quality problem! – More Professional For Dry And Wet Cleaning – We are offering two different kind of Mop pads to achieve wet and dry cleaning in one mop. Microfiber mop pads with finest nylon locking tech, thicker and features strong decontamination ability, no streak left, cleaning with ease. Chenille Mop pads are perfect for dry using, easily pick up hairs or dog hairs, it is features high ability of soaking and locking water, perfect for dry cleaning or scrubbing.
Mops for Floor Cleaning,Wet Dry Mop: We are offering two different kind of microfiber floor mops pads to achieve wet and dry cleaning in one dust mop, it’s like buy one get two. We’ve researched that chenille pads is perfect for dry cleaning or scrubbing, for its’ higher water absorption. Top grade microfiber floor mop pads perfect for wet cleaning, efficient in tackling any hard-clean job. Suitable for cleaning any floor surface as well as window, walls etc.
Make Household Mopping Cleaning Efficient And Fun – Leave the heavy messy bucket alone, refillable floor cleaning mops come with the 410ml refillable bottle, you could fill spray mop up with your favorite cleaner, just make sure clean the water tank when you finished the cleaning, and do not add hot water in it. Simply push the trigger on the handle, it turns water to water mist evenly, save water and make mopping efficiency with minimize efforts than the regular mop.
Superb Quality and Ergonomic Design – 3 of the poles is are from durable, higher quality aluminum, sturdy enough for long term using. No bend over for the extendable pole, relaxed your back from now. 360 degree rotating spray mop head, reach out every corner of your house which is hard to clean before, like under the couch, wardrobe or bed and so on.
Buy with Confidence: We’d love hear from you about our product, Regardless of positive side or negative side, we are working on doing it better! [Small Tip: Each mop before we shipped out need to be carefully test the sprayer, so It is normal that if you find some water in the bottle, not being used.


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