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Urnex Dezcal Home Activated Descaler, For Home Coffee & Espresso Equipt


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Dezcal home activated descaler, 4 portion packets per retail carton. Mineral scale in your hot water tank can clog water flow and negatively affect brew temperature – this results in beverage inconsistency. To prevent your machine from clogging and breaking down, your beverage equipment should be descaled regularly. Dezcal is a safe option for removing lime scale build-up in your machine. Dezcal™ can be used on home coffee brewers, espresso machines (traditional and automatic), kettles, and pod and capsule machines. NSF certified for metal compatibility. For best results, use quarterly (water hardness in your area may require more or less frequent descaling).
Effective – For fast and effective descaling of boilers and heating elements, removes limescale
Multi-Use – For use with home coffee brewers, espresso machines, pod machines, capsule machines, kettles, garmet steamers, and domestic irons
No Vinegar Smell – Removes limescale from heating element without the vinegar smell
For Complex Maintenance – For complete maintenance use with Urnex Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder


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