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WORHE Candle Holders True Natural Travertine Stone 0.4″ Thick, Set of 2 Premium


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travertine home decorationtravertine home decoration


Professional marble manufacturer.

Has been focusing on the development and production of marble & travertine home decoration products.

Distinctive Properties of Marble:

●The present-day Marble rocks are denser, harder and more colorful than the original stones due to years of metamorphosis.

●Unique natural veins.

●The shades of the Marble depend on the region from which they come.

●In contrast to concrete, marble does not heat up quickly and does not absorb heat energy.

●Taj Mahal and Pantheon structures are still going strong for generations due to the density and durability of Marble.

●Marble is hypoallergenic because of its low density and porosity. It won’t attract dust or termites.

●Good reflective strength.


●To ensure the quality of our products, we start tracking from raw materials. We have our own raw material storage yard, design center, processing center, logistics center. To ensure a better customer experience, I’m always trying to find better solutions.

●Our products include many aspects of home decoration, marble candle holders, marble coasters, marble pen holders, marble trays, marble jewelry boxes, marble containers, etc.

WORHE Candle Holders True Natural Travertine StoneWORHE Candle Holders True Natural Travertine Stone

WORHE Candle Holders True Natural Travertine StoneWORHE Candle Holders True Natural Travertine Stone

Our raw material inventory

Marble deposits have been found in a wide variety of countries. Countries such as Italy, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Russia, Romania, etc.



We have our own design team. Our products are original and patented

marble productionmarble production

Production Process

We have our own production workshop and standardized production process to ensure stable quality.

WORHE Candle Holders

Marble Decorative Tray

WORHE Soap Dish

WORHE Pen Holder

[CRAFTED WORKS] Each candle stand is done with great care by our exquisite craftsman, gone through the procedure of cutting from raw marble and grinding into pillar. It’s not only a candle holder, but also a special craft enhancing the beauty of your home decoration. WORHE Marble Candlestick Holder makes it a one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to be treasured by your mom for years to come.It suitable as mom birthday gifts for mom, mothers day gifts and grandma gifts.
[NATURAL MARBLE] These candle holders are 0.4″ inch thick, made from white Travertine Natural Solid Marble, which gives a heavy duty, are sturdy, stable for supporting candlestick. We don’t fill the holes of travertine pieces in order to keep a naturally prime look. Since natural marble is environmental friendly, radiation free, our holder set is safe to use and easy to clean the wax.
[MULTI-APPLICATIONS] This is the Perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Woman Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Christmas, Easter or any occasion. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, match any interior design style. The candlestick holders are elegant table decoration, good to be added on dining table, room table or coffee table, placed in kitchen, dining room and living room. Also great to use for church, restaurants, bars, hotels, dinning party, engagement and wedding dinning, holidays etc.
[CLASSIC AND MINIMALISM] A Retro nature castle minimalist style. A set includes 2 marble candle holders, designed for any standard 3/4″ inch decorative candlestick or taper candles. Size: L: 4.33″ x 2.36″, S: 2.75″ x 2.36″ Hole Size: 0.8″ Diameter and 1″ deep.


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