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Dehumidifiers for Home Damp, Heelay 320 sq. ft Smart Electric Dehumidifier 40 OZ


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Heelay Dehumidifiers

Make Homes Drier, Heathier, More Comfortable

Key function 1- Dehumidification

It condenses the water molecules into water droplets in your room, then discharges the treated dry air, which keeps the indoor humidity at a suitable level through an infinite cycle, so that the indoor is not too humid. This gives you a comfortable home.

Key Function 2- Reduce the growth of bacteria

Effectively reduce the humidity of the room by controlling it below 60%, it will reduce the growth of mold and other bacteria and provide children with a clean living space.

Key Function 3 – Reduce the incidence of disease

By reducing the humidity of the room and decreasing the growth of bacteria, our body will be in a relatively comfortable state and is able to reduce the occurrence of rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases which provides a comfortable home for parents and the elderly.

Key Function 4 – Protect furniture and clothing

Putting a dehumidifier in your home can prevent some furniture, appliances, books, etc. get damp or moldy effectively, and it can reduce the mold and odor of your clothes.



【Upgraded Powerful Dehumidifiers】Still annoyed about the Wet Room, Moisture closet, Damp Floor? The dehumidification performance of upgraded 50% more than others with semiconductor refrigeration and powerful suction fan. Max collect 14 OZ (400ml) of water per day (at 86°F, 80% RH ). Ideal for spaces 50-320 sq ft.
【Upgraded Low Noise, Low Consumption】Bedroom Dehumidifiers features peltier TECH to run quietly. Less than 35 dB peak sound so that you wont feel disturbed when sleeping. Energy saving bathroom dehumidifier only uses 0.79 kw after running for 24 hours.
【Auto Shut off & Colorful Night Lights】 The visualized 40 OZ (1200ml) water tank is easy to take out, clean. This mini dehumidifier will auto shut down when the water tank reaches full, and the red light will flash to remind. No worry about water overflow. 7 colorful lights provide the light you need when getting up at night. (Note: Colors can be steady on and turned off ).
【Portable Dehumidifier for Every Corner 】5.4×5.5x10in Compact size and portable handle design make this dehumidifier for closet flexible for anywhere you want. Perfect for high humidity small spaces, such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, RV, small trailer, closet, cabinet. wall and window….
【Easy to Clean & More Durable】With the detachable and washable filter, easy to clean and use many times for easy maintaining. Much more durable than others. We offer 18-Month Quality Promise. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with this room dehumidifiers.
【Excellent customer service team 】 If you don’t absolutely love your Dehumidifiers , Or if you have any questions during use, no need to return, you can contact our customer service team at any time,, they will provide you with the best service.


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