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GOLDTONE Activated Charcoal Water Filters Fit All CUISINART Coffee Machines


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💪 QUALITY EXCEEDS ORIGINAL FILTER – The use of ultra-fine grain charcoal results in larger and quicker water filtration compared to the original filter. GoldTone only uses the HIGHEST quality of activated charcoal available, made from fine coconut shell husk.
☕ ENHANCED TASTE AND REMOVES IMPURITIES – GoldTone filters are proven to reduce Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, Mercury, Zinc, Calcium, Fluoride and Cadmium. You will notice healthier, cleaner, great tasting water directly after using GoldTone’s filter.
💰 SUPERIOR VALUE AND 1 YEAR SUPPLY – GoldTone believes in providing the HIGHEST quality of good for the absolute LOWEST price, with OVER 25 years of experience there is a reason we are the WORLD LEADER in coffee filtration products. For the BEST results replace every month. 12 filters = 1 year supply.
♻ ECO-FRIENDLY – Bulk packaged together in one clear bag, using minimal packaging, with the environment in mind. We use less material to preserve the environment and pass on savings to the consumer.


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