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Meat Thermometers, DOQAUS Instant Read Food Thermometers for Cooking

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meat thermometersmeat thermometers


DOQAUS meat thermometer can meet all your cooking needs

food thermometerfood thermometer

With a passion for innovation and service, the team is always improving products and operations to deliver a perfect experience.

doqaus meat thermometerdoqaus meat thermometer

We have been committed to innovating and developing excellent Home Kitchen Tools.

Equipped with professional technical research and development team, DOQAUS pursues features of products and customer experience, values each feedback and improves products timely to meet customers’ needs.

The goal DOQAUS has been chasing is to become your healthy, soothing and trusty assistant!


meat thermometersmeat thermometers

Why Choose DOQAUS?

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of thermometer, using high-quality materials, strong and durable. We hope our thermometer ​helps our customers live in a more comfortable environment.

Why Quality of DOQAUS Products Always Better?

We keep accepting customer experience to improve and optimize the product.

What Makes Our Products Popular?

We work on stylistic design, suggestion collection, and practical development. We are continuously providing more affordable, durable, and functional products.

candy thermometercandy thermometer

SENSITIVE & LONG FOOD PROBE: Cooking thermometer is made of premium 304 stainless steel, 4.6” in length and 0.06” in diameter. It can easily detect the core temperature of meat without worrying about large holes in your meat. Perfect for indoor outdoor cooking, grilling, BBQ and so on. The temperature guidelines on the packaging can help you achieve the desired food maturity.
CLEAR AND REVERSIBLE DISPLAY: You will get the clarity temperature with the bright and large LCD screen, also you can read the meat temperature in the dark while grilling with backlit button! And the Exclusive auto-rotating display rotates automatically depending on how the instant read thermometer is held. (Note: Kitchen thermometer is not waterproof except for the stainless steel meat probe.)
MORE FUNCTIONS: ①You can read the Internal temperature after removing the kitchen temperature probe from the food by the Hold button! ②MAX/MIN: Short press to show the MAX or MIN temperature value for the tested food. ③Turkey Thermometer will Auto-shutoff if readout stays on for 10 minutes! The cooking thermometer probe turns on or off when you unfold or fold the probe. ④Magnetic back and hook allow for convenient storage.
GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE: Every DOQAUS product sent to you has gone through a series of quality inspection processes. You take NO RISK by purchasing DOQAUS Digital Food Thermometer! If the cooking temperature probe didn’t work well for you, please contact us and be willing to provide a better solution for every dear customer! All your questions will be replied to within 24hrs!


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