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Melitta 625000 Bamboo Super Premium Coffee Filters, Green – 80 Count


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Since 908, Melitta has stood for quality, innovation, and great taste. Using the Pour-Over method to prepare your coffee leads to a richer, smoother, cup of coffee. Within a few tries, you will find your perfect coffee by experimenting with the coffee and water amount. The Pour-Over method is also more as you are preparing only what you need, and the coffee grinds and filter paper are both naturally compostable. Did we forget to mention you get cafe quality at a fraction of the price too? Our Signature Series Matte Red Ceramic Pour-Over brews handcrafted coffee in three simple steps: Place Pour-Over cone on top of your mug, insert Melitta cone. Scoop in your favorite fresh ground coffee to taste coffee filter. Pour hot water (just off the boil) into the cone, fully saturating all grounds.The Matte Red Ceramic Signature Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker is an elegant interpretation of the original Pour-Over Coffeemaker that our founder, Melitta Bentz, invented over 00 years ago. A medium-size drip opening provides a consistent brew and eliminates risk of bitterness while a ring underneath the drip opening directs coffee flow into mug and prevents runoff. And lastly, our full-height ridges within the cone provide the optimal flavor extraction. Melitta: Join the pursuit for better coffee.
100% Naturally compostable
Chlorine and Gluten free


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