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Premium Filters Direct Premium Replacement Charcoal Water Filter FITS All Keurig


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Premium Filters Direct Provides the HIGHEST Quality Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for ALL Keurig Coffee Machines for the Absolute LOWEST Price!

Universal fit for ALL Keurig coffee makers and brewers!

The Premium Difference:

We only use the highest quality, all natural, coconut shells. Finer grained activated charcoal enhances the filtering process for a better taste. We use up to 30% more activated charcoal compared to other brands.

Using our unique dual micro-mesh layer design enables us to use ultra-fine-grain charcoal. Finer grain charcoal means more efficient, and quicker filtration compared to OEM filters. This combo makes for a filter that has unmatched filtration.


Removes Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, Mercury, Zinc, Fluoride and Cadmium. Enjoy healthier, great tasting water with less waste.

Our unique dual micro-mesh layer keeps all the charcoal in the filter and out of the coffee maker, which increases the machine’s longevity.

Save money, best value in the market!

Drink a Premium Cup Every Time:

Coffee is 98% water, so when your water taste bad your coffee taste bad!

Create the best-tasting brew every time using our Premium Water Filters, they remove impurities using dual layer protection and ultra-fine charcoal.

Easy Instructions:

1. Soak filter for 5 minutes in water.
2. Hold filter under running tap water for 60 seconds.
3. Install filter into the filter housing.
4. Enjoy your drink!

For best results, replace filter every 2 months or after 60 tank refills.

2 year supply, includes 12 water filter cartridges for Keurig, bulk packaged with the environment in mind, in one clear bag.

Enjoy the Premium Taste of Your Coffee!
【PREMIUM KEURIG REPLACEMENT】- FITS ALL Keurig coffee machines and brewers that require a water filter. Our unique micromesh material keeps all the ultra-fine charcoal in the filter and out of the coffee maker, which helps protect the machine’s longevity.
【REMOVES IMPURITIES】- Our PREMIUM replacement filters are certified to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the taste and odor of chlorine, zinc, copper, mercury, calcium, fluoride and cadmium found in tap water which interferes with taste and quality.
【IMPROVES FLAVOR】- A great cup of coffee starts with clean and fresh water; you will immediately notice the difference in taste and odor when you use water filtered with Premium Filters Direct filters. Best valued filters in the market.
【ECO-FRIENDLY & 2 YEAR SUPPLY】- Packaged together with the environment in mind, in one clear bag using MINIMAL packaging. For the BEST results replace every 2 months. 12 filters = 2 year supply.


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