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Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Board (250ml) – Butcher Block Oil


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RESTORE, PROTECTS AND EXTAND THE LIFE OF WOODEN PRODUCTS : Mineral oil works on everything all the time! By hydrating your board with our food grade penetrating oil, you seal the wood which protect it against water, prevent cracking, warping and drying.
PREVENT STAINS : Seasoning your cutting boards with our mineral oil will protect it against stains! Since wood is porous without a finish the wood cutting boards or utensils usually absorb food juices, colors and aromas and we don’t want that.
EASY TO APPLY AND USE : The disc top cap is mess free and makes it easy to apply wood oil . For brand new boards, apply once every one or two weeks for the first 3 months. After that once a month should be fine. Be generous with the application, especially if the wood is dry!
INDUCTION SEAL : WoodForChef uses an induction seal instead of regular pressure seal. That way we ensure that our products arrive at your house intact! No leak, no halfway full bottle!


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