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OXO Good Grips Twisting Jar Opener with Basepad, Black

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Whether you have arthritis or just need a helping hand in the kitchen, the OXO Good Grips Twisting Jar Opener with Base Pad is the perfect partner. From small bottles that are hard to get a good grip on to jars lids that require a lot of strength, the Twisting Jar Opener makes quick work of any lid with minimal effort needed. To use, just place the base pad on a flat surface in front of you and put the bottle or jar on top; the non-slip surface will help keep the jar from sliding. Ensure the Jar Opener is open, then position it on top of the jar in the middle of the lid. Holding the jar steady in one hand, use the other hand to turn the Jar Opener counterclockwise until the sharp teeth grip the lid. Continue turning the handle until the lid is open. When you’re finished, the base pad secures to the Jar Opener for convenient storage.
Large handle is easy to grip; perfect for arthritic hands
Base pad creates a non-slip surface for a better grip
Sharp teeth grip jars for easy opening
Twisting design adjusts to all-sized lids, from bottles of vanilla to jars of pickles


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